The Matrix Revolutions

I’m going to see The Matrix Revolutions twice within 14 hours πŸ˜€

Wednesday I’ll see it in the Grand Theatre Amersfoort @ 18h30 with (amongst others) , Riker, , Stephan, and Leanda.
Thursday we (all MT and IE students) are invited to see the movie for a 50% discount at the Figi in Zeist (@ 9.30). Yay!

By the way, if more people would like to join us on wednesday, let me know. We’ve made reservations for 24 tickets, so there’s room enough.
Tickets have to be picked up 45 minutes before the movie starts. So if you want to join us, you’ll have to be in Amersfoort at 17h30 at it’s latest. If you’re on your way, but won’t make the 17h30, CALL ME, otherwise I won’t pick up a ticket for you!


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    • Ronald on 30 October 2003 at 02:45

    “Subscribed people”

    Here are the first 6:
    1. Ronald (me, yay!)
    2. Stephan
    3. Laurens (friend of Stephan)
    4. Leanda
    5. Jasper (friend of Leanda)
    6. Bart (friend of Leanda)

    Chakotay, could you post the people you’re taking with you? Might be a nice way to keep track of it πŸ˜›

    1. Re: “Subscribed people”


      1. Thomas
      2. JurriΓ«n
      3. Laura
      4. Laura
      5. Paul
      6. Laura’s bf
      7. /me

        • Ronald on 30 October 2003 at 02:51

        Re: “Subscribed people”

        That totals it up to 13 people so far (14 if Chainsaw comes too, not sure whether or not he said “yes”.)

        So, there are still 11 (or 10) open spaces πŸ™‚

        1. Re: “Subscribed people”

          I said yes πŸ™‚

            • Ronald on 30 October 2003 at 05:53

            Re: “Subscribed people”

            Okay, slot #14: Chainsaw

            That leaves 10 slots open.
            Richard (SysAdmin MT/IE) will join us when he isn’t allowed to go Thursdaymorning, the same goes for Younsse (Receptionist, which is the correct translation according to my dictionary).

            • roel on 31 October 2003 at 04:34

            Re: “Subscribed people”

            Count me in!

            • Ronald on 31 October 2003 at 04:37

            Re: “Subscribed people”

            Slot #15: Roel πŸ˜›

  1. BTW, my name here is chakothee, not chakotay πŸ™‚

      • Ronald on 30 October 2003 at 05:47

      I know that. Why are you telling me that? πŸ˜‰

      1. Because the link in your post points to , which I am not ^^

        1. Oh, you fixed it πŸ˜›

          • Ronald on 30 October 2003 at 05:54

          It does not!
          Not since my previous post that is πŸ˜›

  2. I wanna come!

    Oh hang on. I’m on the wrong continent. Damn.

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