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Yep, that’s true, that’s totally me 🙂

Voor als het moeilijk te lezen is:
You are the rock, the keystone of your friends and family. They look to you for support and leadership. You don’t push for devotion or attention, but when the situation is dire, even the Idols and Exhibitionists will turn to you. You are the trusted, the loved. You have the capacity to love more deeply than any other type, and are fiercely devoted to your friends and lovers. Highly idealistic, you would sacrifice everything for a person or cause you believe in. But you trust so deeply and compassionately that a betrayal could shatter you. Jealousy is your downfall, and sometimes you need to give people more space and not become so enamored. Be careful who you place your trust in, for a Protector’s broken heart will never fully heal. The world needs more of you but you are few. And sometimes it seems like you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders.