Two weeks ago, I had an appointement with Do* about the ServerPark.
And everyday he asked if we could “please move it to to-morrow”.

Last Friday, it looked like he finally had the time! He said he only had one more appointement and then he’ll be all mine (yuck!).
So, I waited. And waited. Untill 17h30, when he came out of his office with his stuff packed, ready to go home, asking me why I was still at my desk instead of enjoying weekend.
So I said “I guess we’ll move the appointement to monday then?”.

I’ve never heard him apologize that much before… But, he promissed, mondaymorning, 9.00, he’ll be here for me.

It’s 10.00 now, so once again, it looks like it will be moved to “to-morrow”, ’cause Do hasn’t even arrived yet.

Makes me wonder what his definition is of “to-morrow”…

*Do is the co-ordinator of the study MediaTechnology, and the ResourceManager of the MT and IE. And all I want from him is an approval e-mail to IT-Support@Hvu about the portlist…