Photo’s Serverpark Maintenance-day online

Click here!.

That’s all I have to say for now…

Still have a minor headache, and thinking about going to the doctor to-morrow. Maybe I should do that…


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  1. Nice pics 🙂

    Hm, is the headache that longlasting that you need a doctor for it? Usually a doctor can’t do a lot about those if it’s just a casual headache afaik…

      • Ronald on 22 October 2003 at 13:47

      There are other things beside the headache I should visit the doctor about…

      If you want to know more about that, ask me on IRC or MSN, I’m not going to post it here (that goes for everyone who reads this by the way, if you want to know, just ask).

      1. I would ask you on irc if I had the first clue of where to find you 😛

          • Ronald on 23 October 2003 at 05:47

 #Stimpy 🙂

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