I had two things on my ToDo list for today. And I crossed them both out, not feeling like doing them today and promising myself I’ll do them later this week (as I said last week, same things, still not done).

Oh well…


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  1. Isn’t the idea behind todo lists that you actually *do* the stuff you put on them, instead of taking stuff out when you don’t feel like doing em? That way you might as well not make a todo list 🙂

      • Ronald on 23 November 2003 at 05:01

      I know…

      And to make things worse, both things kinda had a due date of about two weeks ago :-/

      1. Oh… Now that you’re way overdue with it already, a couple of days more doesn’t really matter anymore then, does it? 😛

          • Ronald on 23 November 2003 at 05:16

          Nah, I really need to get them done this week (one before tuesday and one before thursday).

          I started working on them both this morning, but stopped when my computer didn’t want to co-operate anymore.

            • lyssiae on 23 November 2003 at 15:22

            Any excuse 🙂


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