Are things never as easy as they seem?

Due to lack of real evidence, I’ve removed a part of this journal-entry

The worst thing is, that I’ve got to much things to do to even worry about this. I’m starting to get less and less time for my personal life, cause other things are getting a higher and higher priority.
My *insert English word for Stage here* is taking a lot of time, though we have almost nothing to do when I’m working on it at school :/
The Stimpy.nu Project is dying once again. I’m trying to bring it back to life, once again by a vote-system for the new name, but if that fails, I’m going to quit the project.
And for the rest, I’m starting to feel lonely.
Maybe I should change my current mood to that, or maybe even exhausted, but I think for the moment I’ll stick with Disappointed…


  1. The english word for “stage” is: internship

    Example quote (from the movie Three To Tango): “They’re interns, they’re free”.
    (Dutch: Het zijn stagiares, ze zijn gratis)

    (I’m glad that you added the quote about evidence, btw.)

  2. Things generally always seem better after a night’s sleep, hun 🙂

      • Ronald on 05 October 2003 at 06:54

      The problem is that most of the times I’m puzzle my head off over these kind of things, I can’t sleep at all…
      And it seems like I’m not capable of clearing my mind like others are (according to what they say).

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